Friday, 1 April 2011

Gettin in to zbrush

Here is my first attempt in to learning z brush, i was inspired by some friends of mine as more and more concept artists are now using it in a design workflow. I know its very amature but i had great fun and im sure its going to become a great tool in creating artwork for me, hope you like!


steve molyneaux said...

Dude..thats awesome for a first attempt love the jaw!! looks like alot of fun. Did you use a base mesh or did you start from zsheres/zsketch.? My advice would be to get into using the zpheres/zsketching. Although you could start with a really basic cube model from a 3d app. Great work mate!!

shivaree said...

Hey Ste, thanks for the comment.It means alot comin from you. I just started in z sketch and got a rough form then detailed from there kind of learning as i went, adding teeth and eyes as sub tools(advanced for me!) ill keep postin updates, cheers man.